Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is a city of rich history and a pulsating nightlife. Located at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers, Belgrade is known for its historical sites, including the imposing Belgrade Fortress, the elegant Knez Mihailova Street, and the bohemian Skadarlija quarter. The city’s vibrant energy is felt in its bustling streets, diverse cuisine, and the floating nightclubs along its rivers. Belgrade combines its storied past with a lively contemporary culture, evident in its numerous cultural events, museums, and galleries. This city offers a unique experience of Serbian history, culture, and modern urban life.

Best month May Ideal weather for exploring and activities
Average internet speed 35 Mbps
Flataway beer index
Places to work from
Best taxi app CarGo
Population 1.4M
Tipping 5%-10%
Mobile data(~10gb) 1000-2000 RSD/month
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