Digital nomad guide to Bulgaria 

Hip urban atmosphere, beautiful seaside coast and snowy mountains all in one place? Bulgaria is the place for you!

Some might say we’re biased because we’re locals but we couldn’t miss the chance to share some of the best things you can do here. So let’s dive straight in. 

In recent years Bulgaria has become a preferred destination for digital nomads because of the cheaper costs and the availability of activities. From doing community yoga on a rooftop, to watching cinema in a park, to hiking on Vitosha mountain on the weekend and finding events with fellow travelers. Here’s why 

Explore Sofia 

A good start is the capital Sofia. Since the majority of flights are to and from Sofia the city is a convenient kickoff. For your free time there are plenty of museums, churches and galleries that can be visited for a very low cost or even for free. The National Art Gallery or Sofia City Art Gallery are good choices. If you happen to be in the city on the Night of museums (usually in the first half of May) you’ll get the chance to visit museums and galleries after hours completely for free. Plus during the night you could enjoy the Lunar Festival of Lights. 

For those of you who like to work from a coworking space there are lots of options in the city center. And more and more work friendly cafes are popping up. For your lunch break or after work walk, there are many parks and gardens. Borisova Garden is the biggest one but the smaller ones such as the garden in front of the National Theatre or Crystal garden are also amazing choices. Young people hang out there after work to have a drink, so it’s a great place to make new friends. 

Panoramic view of saint Alexander Nevski cathedral

You can find multiple dining options from an elevated street food (personal favorite is the Sando shop and the Fresh pasta to elegant fine dining restaurants. All in pretty much a walkable distance since the city center is not that big.

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Other urban options

If you prefer smaller city vibes you should definitely visit Plovdiv – explore the ancient ruins and narrow Old Town streets. Plovdiv is the cultural hub of Bulgaria so if you’re into this, the city is a must. Check out  Kapana, the  creative district which is a home of a vibrant culinary scene and small local boutiques. 

Veliko Tarnovo is also a great choice if you want to immerse yourself in the history of Bulgaria. The city is located in the hills of Stara Planina mountain and is particularly nice during summer. 

For tips on Bulgaria in summer and a seaside view keep reading in the next section 

Bulgarian Seaside 

The Bulgarian Black Sea coast is 378 km long and has more than 200 beaches so there is plenty to see and do. From small pebble beaches to big open bay sandy beaches with big waves, we have it all. The summer season is between mid June to mid September. 

Generally speaking the coast is divided into the south and the north. Burgas is the “dividing” section: below it everything is considered south, above it’s north. The two differ in terms of activities, types of towns and beaches. 

Generally there are more people in the south since it’s faster to reach. The main city is Burgas which has a vibrant atmosphere : it has seaside and cool urban vibes. It’s definitely a recommended stop on your journey, however we would move further down south for the proper beach experience. You must visit small villages like Sozopol, Lozenets and Sinemorets with their surrounding beaches. For a more lively setting and cool beach bars we recommend Smokinya Beach, Arapya beach or Veleka beach. If you want more secluded beaches go with Coral or Lipite beach : you won’t be disappointed. 

River Ropotamo in the south

If those types of beaches are generally what you prefer you should also check the northern part. Known for its beautiful landscape and breathtaking panoramic views. The coast is higher with cliffs around 70m high, sea caves and endless wheat fields. This part is also famous for its golf courses. Some of our favorites are Ezerets, Bolata and Nomad beaches. 

Mountains in Bulgaria 

We love the mountains because they’re equally beautiful both in summer and winter and offer so many things to do. The closest one to Sofia is Vitosha: it takes around 50min by bus from the city to reach the Aleko hut up in the mountain from where you can take one of many trails in summer. If you want to start from the lower parts of Vitosha, good ones are Boyana or Dragalevtsi which are closer to the city.  In winter you can take the cable car up the mountain and ski. 

Create your own itinerary and combine visiting Bulgaria with other destinations.

If you want to change the scenery of the capital, you can stay in the small town of Bansko situated in Pirin mountain. Opposite Pirin is Rila mountain, the home of the highest peak in the Balkans: Musala (2925m.). Another hike that we like is the one to the 7 Rila lakes because of its amazing landscape. Bansko is also the spot for digital nomads. Every year there is the Bansko Nomad Fest : one week of celebrating the location independent lifestyle. There are multiple coworking spaces as well, if you’re planning to work whilst there. Other mountain towns we like are Pamporovo and Velingrad which are great options for SPA.

We could go on and on : the list is very long but we’ll stop here. We hope you find something that inspires you to visit Bulgaria!

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Magdalena Grozdanova
In the past years I've been living in different countries in Europe (I'm potentially the slowest slowmad). Sofia is my home base now and in my free time I like reading, spending time in nature and practicing yoga.
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