Enabling a
When Flataway was created in early 2023, we set out to make it easy and convenient for people to live and work wherever they want, whenever they want, without sacrificing comfort, convenience, or quality.
Flexible solution for the remote generation
With that concept at heart, we designed a flexible solution for digital nomads and remote workers, that allows them to effortlessly find not only the perfect accommodation for their needs but also access to everything they need when they move to a new location : no unknowns along the way.
Today, Flataway is quickly expanding its portfolio of locations to provide travelers with a wider range of accommodation options, managed by professionals only.
A trusted partner for short-term rental managers
Running a short-term rental management business is a difficult and exhausting job, both physically and mentally.
We’ve experienced this first hand - the team behind Flataway has successfully launched and scaled short-term rental management companies in various markets since 2016.
The properties offered in Flataway Subscription Living plans and bundles, as well as the ones available for Single Stays, are all managed by professionals. Leveraging our expertise and technology, we don’t simply provide another booking platform to our property management partners – we help with all aspects of their business. 
Core values
Even though our company is fueled by top-notch technology,  our team remains our most valued asset; we consistently put the human in the center, aiming to deliver the finest experiences for our members.
We act with respect and transparency with our partners and our members; we believe that doing the right thing is the base of any fruitful and successful long lasting relationship. 
We prioritize a close bond with our members and always listen to their feedback. We believe that this is the stepping stone for building a service that is genuinely tailored to their needs. 
We are curious and adventurous in our way of doing things, we strive for constant improvement of our service.
We build trust with our customers by providing a consistent service no matter where they are ; we believe that the quality of the service should be location-independent as is the nomadic lifestyle.
 Our team
We are committed to fostering a sense of trust and community, offering consistent service worldwide, and empowering individuals to explore the world on their own terms.
Boris Pavlov
Teodor Todorov
Miroslav Rashev
Training & Account Executive
Filipa Ganova
Business Development
Plamen Petrov
Design Lead
Edelin Petrov
Development Lead
Nikolaos Metos
Product Manager
Magdalena Grozdanova
Marketing Associate
Ekaterina Hadjipetkova
Marketing Advisor
Anton Aladzhov
Design Advisor
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