Ambassador Program
Unlock new earning opportunities by leveraging your network within the short-term rentals industry!
About Flataway
The team behind Flataway has successfully launched and scaled short-term rental management companies in various markets since 2016. We’ve experienced the ups and downs, the 24/7 engagement, the technological limitations, the complaints, the fierce competition, and the challenging balance you must maintain when protecting the interests of guests, owners, and your company.

When we set out to launch FlatAway in 2013 we didn’t want to be just another OTA for our property management partners. We leveraged the expertise, technology and services we have been building for years and are now offering these to our 360 partners at a fraction of the cost.
About the Flataway Ambassador Program
Our Ambassador Program is a unique opportunity for individuals who are passionate about the short-term rental industry.
As an ambassador, you become a key part of our growth journey, acting as an intermediary between FlatAway and property management companies. Your role will be to identify potential partners and introduce them to our products and services. For every successful partnership you help us establish, you'll receive a percentage of our earnings from that partner, creating a win-win scenario. This isn't a one-time payout but continues for as long as the property manager remains in partnership with us. It's a sustainable way for you to generate passive income.
Importance of Ambassadors in the Expansion of Flataway's Partnership Network
We are building a partnership network, fostering collaboration, support and knowledge sharing between short-term rental managers of various sizes and geographies. We organize networking sessions, trainings, webinars, and various other activities.

We also introduce our partners to suppliers of products and services who would typically offer discounts to members of the FlatAway Partnership Network. As an ambassador you get to be part of that network even if you don’t own a property management business.
We value your local knowledge, connections, and unique understanding of the property management landscape in your area. By leveraging these, you're not only contributing to the development of FlatAway's Partnership Network, but also helping shape the future of the short-term rental industry.

As an ambassador you’ll be part of our inner circle. This means you'll get early access to our new features and services before they go live. Moreover, you may receive exclusive discounts or perks for our platform, which you can extend to your own network.
Being an ambassador
Generate leads
It is entirely up to you how you generate partner leads – we only ask you to adhere to our branding and marketing guidelines which you will receive during onboarding
Check lead suitability
Drop us a quick email with a brief description of the lead to make sure that it is suitable and that we are not already in talks with that property manager
Introduce the lead to us and we’ll take it from there! If they become our partner, you start earning from the moment we do!
Becoming an ambassador
Contract review
We will send over a draft contract formalizing the relationship between us
It is important that you understand what FlatAway is all about, our values, services and products.
Follow-up Q&A session
After your first interactions with potential FlatAway partners we organize one or more Q&A sessions providing feedback and answers to any questions that may arise in your conversations with short-term rental managers.


How much can I earn as a Flataway Ambassador?
The earning potential for Flataway Ambassadors is unlimited as you receive a percentage of the revenue from each referral for an indefinite period – as long as they are our client. The exact amount will depend on the business volume generated by the referred short-term rental management company.
What leads are suitable?
Short-term rental management companies operating anything from 10 to 200 properties, which want to increase their revenues, reduce their costs and/or automate their processes.
Do I need to maintain a relationship with the companies I refer?
It is highly recommended that you check in on them once in a while.
Can anyone become a Flataway Ambassador?
Anyone with a good understanding of the short-term rental management industry can become an ambassador, upon approval from our team.
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