PM Pro
Even more stays, definitely less hassle
Flataway Pro partners get a world-class technology stack that automates their processes and saves time! In addition, your properties become eligible for Flataway Single Stays through a seamless integration!
Streamline and automate operations with our industry leading tech stack.
Get even more bookings with FlatAway Single Stays 
Priority advertising of your properties
Flataway Pro partners attract more digital nomads, remote workers, and corporate guests through a direct integration with our Single Stays booking platform. Your properties will also be prioritized when advertised through our flagship Subscription Living services, ensuring higher occupancy year-round!

The best part? You won’t have to manage your listings or update descriptions, availability, or prices manually – it all happens seamlessly in the background! We are the most “low maintenance” OTA on the market!

Streamline your operations with FlatAway's technology

Flataway Pro partners streamline their business via our state-of-the-art technology.
White-label Property Management System - PMS
Manage your properties across various platforms with ease, thanks to our integrated channel manager, unified inbox, multi-calendar, and automation features.
Operating System
Developed in-house, this task manager featuring iOS and Android apps for cleaning and maintenance teams seamlessly connects to the PMS, ensuring robust organization of all ground operations.
Digital guide
Deliver check-in instructions and vital information to guests through our easy-to-use digital guide generation tool. Works great for upsells too!
Easy onboarding. Free training
Switching to a new property management system can be a real nightmare if mishandled. Our team has the necessary experience and resources to ensure that the process goes smoothly. We will train your team and provide access to the Knowledge Tree – a set of procedures outlining every aspect of the business, even topics that are not necessarily related to technology.

We do not charge any onboarding fees unless you opt for the onsite 3-day training. The process is rather simple and could be done within a week if you already have the necessary information.
30-min call
Partnership agreement
Partner supplies property information
Systems live within a week
Launch advertising
More than just a booking channel
Experienced in launching and growing short-term rental firms, the FlatAway team offers more than an OTA partnership – we're here to provide comprehensive support.
We often get inquiries from owners who want to advertise their properties with FlatAway. In such cases, we would refer these owners to one of our partners operating at the property’s location. In addition, we are building a community of short-term rental managers, fostering collaboration, support, and knowledge-sharing. All FlatAway partners can join the community, benefit from its resources, and participate in events and activities, for free.
Other plans
All plans feature access to the FlatAway Partnership Network and homeowner referrals.
OTA Light
Attract digital nomad and corporate guests for longer stays year-round.
The fastest onboarding in the industry – no integrations necessary.
PM 360
Reduce costs by outsourcing guest communication and other tasks.
Get expert advice and support in all aspects of your business.


Who can become a FlatAway Partner?
Professional short-term rental management companies of various sizes and operating in virtually any markets. Entrepreneurs who wish to launch a property management business in their location are also welcome to get in touch with us.
What are the costs?
OTA Light: There is no onboarding or recurring fee, being a FlatAway OTA Light partner is free. We only charge a commission for the stays you obtain from us, just like other OTAs.

OTA Pro: In addition to any commissions owed for stays secured by FlatAway, you will pay a fixed monthly fee per property depending on the number of units you operate. The fee is less than what you would pay if you used a similar technology stack.

OTA 360: We come up with a custom price offer depending on what type of services you need. One of the main objectives of the 360 plan is to reduce your costs, so you will pay less than what you are spending right now for the same products and services.

FlatAway Partner Network membership is free of charge. For homeowner referrals that are not part of the Rent & Travel programme, a referral fee of 10% applies.
Can individual owners partner up with FlatAway?
Unfortunately, we do not work with property owners. However, we are happy to recommend one of our partners who can take care of the entire management of the property.
How are reservations managed? Are you integrated with my PMS?
FlatAway’s main products are Subscription Living plans and bundles. Advertising your properties via these products is something our team is doing; thus, no integration is necessary. Guest communication is also handled by our Guest Experience team, taking this task off your to do list. During onboarding we will walk you through the entire reservations management process.

At this time, we are integrated with Hostify, the property management system used by our Pro and 360 partners. They can list their properties on the FlatAway platform directly, enabling instant booking. OTA Light partners using Hostify can also benefit from direct listing under certain conditions.
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