Corporate stays
Corporate stays
Private accommodation that is perfect for corporates, institutions, embassies, new hires and remote workers.
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Empowering Your Team to Explore the World!

We've crafted a unique benefit tailored to your adventurous employees, bringing them the exciting opportunity to live in different locations while they work. Why should you choose the Subscription living plans for your employees?
Better Budgeting
With the subscription living plans, your employees can forget the unpredictability of traditional renting, fluctuating costs and surprising expenses. A fixed monthly rent covers their accommodation needs, allowing for efficient budgeting and a focus on the experiences that truly matter.
Retain Top Talent with a Unique Perk
Providing access to subscription living shows a commitment to your employees well being and a support for their lifestyle. It's not “just” a company perk; it’s something that truly matters for your team and can make a difference.
Strengthen Team Collaboration
For companies with offices in Flataway locations, there is a unique opportunity to enhance team collaboration and connectivity. Your employees can easily visit different offices, live and work together, fostering better team connection and knowledge-sharing.
Fuel Personal Growth
Living in different locations can be both challenging and inspiring. Sometimes it’s exactly what someone needs to achieve personal growth and to increase the productivity and motivation in their professional life.
Dedicated account manager
Up to 30 days of delayed payment and invoicing
Fully flexible accommodation
Are you ready to elevate your team's journey with Flataway Corporate Stays?
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How can Subscription Living plans benefit my company's budgeting?
Subscription Living plans offer a fixed monthly rent, eliminating the unpredictability of traditional renting and unexpected expenses. This allows your company to efficiently budget for employee accommodation and focus on other essential aspects of business operations.
How does offering Subscription Living help in retaining employees?
Offering Subscription Living as a benefit showcases your company's commitment to employee well-being and support for their adventurous lifestyles. It's a unique perk that can make a significant difference in employee satisfaction and retention, setting your company apart from others.
Can Subscription Living enhance team collaboration for companies with multiple offices?
Absolutely! If your company has offices in Flataway locations, Subscription Living provides a unique opportunity for employees to visit different offices, live, and work together. This fosters better team connectivity, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing across different locations.
How secure is the payment process for Flataway Corporate Stays?
All payments for Flataway Corporate Stays are processed securely via Stripe, ensuring the utmost privacy and safety for your company's financial details. We prioritize transparency, with no hidden costs, for a hassle-free experience.
How does living in different locations fuel personal growth for employees?
Experiencing life in various locations can be both challenging and inspiring. It often pushes individuals out of their comfort zones, leading to personal growth. This newfound perspective and experience can translate into increased productivity and motivation in their professional roles.
What benefits come with Flataway Corporate Stays?
Flataway Corporate Stays offers a dedicated account manager for streamlined communication, up to 30 days of delayed payment and invoicing for financial flexibility, and fully flexible accommodation options to suit the needs of your employees.
Are there any long-term commitments required for Flataway Corporate Stays?
No, Flataway Corporate Stays are designed to offer flexibility, catering to both short and mid-term accommodation needs. You can choose the duration that best fits your company's requirements.
Can we customize the accommodation options for our employees?
Yes, our dedicated account managers work closely with you to understand your specific needs and preferences, ensuring that the accommodation options align with your company's and employees' requirements.
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