Exploring Sofia: A Digital Nomad’s Mini Guide

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is an emerging hot spot for digital nomads from around the world. Its striking mix of Eastern and Western influences, combined with affordable living and a thriving tech scene, makes it an exciting place to forge a digital career. 

What better way to get recommendations for the city, then to ask a local. Hey : that’s me! As someone who’s born and raised in Sofia, allow me to take you on a “day in the life” journey through the city. I’ll be highlighting some of the must-see spots and hidden gems for the perfect digital nomad day.

Morning Walk in Borissova Garden

Let’s start the day with a refreshing walk (or a jog if you like running)  in Borissova Garden, the city’s oldest and largest park. Take in the clean morning air as you weave among towering trees, beautiful flower gardens, and picturesque fountains. The south east part of the park (the one closest to neighborhood Iztok) definitely feels more like a forest rather than a city garden. During summer it’s a great spot to hide from the sun and the heat; during the winter months it has a magical vibe especially if it’s snowing. The north west side (the one closest to the city center) is definitely more urban. It really depends on where you’re starting your walk. If you’re starting from Iztok it’ll take you around 20-25 minutes to reach the city center around the National stadium and Eagles bridge. 

?Tip : if you’re starting from Iztok and want to grab a coffee to go make sure to stop by One more park bar, it’s right on the tennis courts in the upper part of Borissova Garden. 

Coffee and Work Time 

After your walk, head over to Cakey Bakey. It’s a 5 minutes walk from Eagles bridge and it’s a good opportunity to wander around Doktorska garden and the small streets. The café has a cozy interior, delicious coffee and pastries, it’s a popular spot among locals and digital nomads. This café offers a comfortable and quiet workspace with free Wi-Fi and plenty of power outlets, perfect for getting a productive start on your workday. 

? Tip : if you have work calls/meetings take the stairs down. It’s more quiet and secluded and there is a comfortable big table. 

Lunch time 

When your stomach begins to rumble, make your way to Shishman street (you’ll pass by Alexander Nevski Cathedral ,one of the largest Orthodox cathedrals in the world, so make sure to stop and sink in its beauty). Shishman is a charming little street in the city center full of independent shops, coffee spots and places to grab a lunch. The lunch menu ‘culture’ in Sofia is a BIG thing. Almost all restaurants offer a lunch menu : meals are cheaper and always freshly made. There are even some places that open up only for lunch. One such place is The Sandwich place on Ivan Vazov street. Don’t let the name fool you. There is way more than sandwiches : everything from healthy salads, to traditional soups and filling meals like stuffed peppers and moussaka. Both vegetarian and regular options are very tasty. You can enjoy your meal inside keep in mind the place is not very big and it gets busy quickly). If the weather is nice we recommend grabbing your lunch and sitting in front of the National theater. It’s only 2 minutes away and the garden is definitely worth it. 

? Tip : there is a tiny hill in the middle of the garden that offers an amazing view of the theater and the garden. If the bench happens to be empty, make sure to sit there. 

Afternoon Co-Working session

Post lunch, you’ll be only 10 minutes away from Networking premium. A coworking space occupying the last two floors of a building with amazing views of the city. There is a big common room with a lot of desks, fast and reliable wi-fi connection. If you prefer a more private space there are also smaller offices that might be available upon request. There are also a couple of phone boots if you need to have a private call. 

Other cool options in the area are Betahaus and Korner

?Tip : If you’re in Networking Premium make sure to get on the rooftop terrace for your afternoon break. Especially towards the end of the day when the sun is setting the views are stunning. 

Evening stroll 

It’s time to close your laptops and finish work for the day. Have a walk around Slaveykov square. There is always something happening depending on the season – from Christmas markets to book fairs. Keep walking down on Graf Ignatiev street and you’ll see another small garden in front of a church. It’s a hangout spot for young families and people having a drink afterwork. If you turn right, you’ll reach the Small five corners – an emblematic place for Sofia. Make sure to grab something from Sun and Moon bakery. There are also many small independent jewelry and clothing shops. Keep walking on Angel Kanchev street and you’ll reach the National Palace of Culture. 

?Tip: grab a drink at Soda bar situated under the famous “lovers bridge” especially if you’re here in the warmer months. 

Dinner time 

There are so many options for a tasty dinner but some of our faves are definitely Meat, Ploshtadcheto and Cosmos. All are very different but they’re all cooking with fresh and incredibly tasty ingredients. Cosmos is definitely on the higher end but it’s worth it. The restaurant offers typical Bulgarian dishes with a gourmet twist and the cocktails are amazing. Ploshtadcheto offers more of a fusion inspired dishes. Meat on the other hand is for those who are craving nice, fresh burgers and craft beer. All places offer veggie options as well. You cannot go wrong with any of them.  

?Tip: If you still have energy after dinner make sure to head out to Crystal garden – full of life in the late evenings. 

Want to include Sofia in your itinerary? See some options

So there you have it — a day in the life of a digital nomad in Sofia. The city offers a fabulous mix of work and leisure opportunities, all set within a fascinating cultural backdrop. From serene parks and inspiring workspaces to delicious cuisine and historic architecture, Sofia has all the ingredients for a fulfilling digital nomad lifestyle.

Magdalena Grozdanova
In the past years I've been living in different countries in Europe (I'm potentially the slowest slowmad). Sofia is my home base now and in my free time I like reading, spending time in nature and practicing yoga.
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