Varna Travel Guide: how to get the most out of your stay

Varna is the third largest city in Bulgaria and is situated in the northern part of the Black Sea Coast. It is an ideal destination during the warmer months with summer being the peak season. Trust us you would definitely want to check it out if you’re in Bulgaria. It’s not as developed in terms of digital nomad community compared to other cities so if you prefer a quieter nomad scene that’s the place to be!

If you’re planning to visit Varna but you’re not sure what to do or see while you’re there then keep reading. We want our recommendations to be as authentic as possible, so we reached out to a dear friend from Varna for the best local tips and tricks. Read on to discover the best spots in Varna. 


Cubo is “the” place to be in Varna. It has two locations (both are on the beach but in different parts). We recommend the one at the Fisherman’s beach for a chill morning. This location was originally a surf school and still has a typical laid back vibe which we love. If you’re staying in the city center, it won’t take you more than 15-20 minutes to reach it and you can use this as your morning walk. If the weather is nice, grab a cappuccino and a croissant and sit on the terrace to enjoy the sea view. Right under it, there is a tiny beach so you can always go for a quick swim if it gets too hot. There is an inside area as well that you can use to get some work done on your laptop. 

? by Zhivena Mazakova. View from the terrace.

?Tip : make sure you go there before 11 a.m. especially during summer because after that it can get a bit crowded

The Sea Garden

The Sea Garden is right behind Cubo and it’s almost 8 km long. It’s one of the (if not the most) typical places in Varna. It has lush greenery, many fountains and ponds and it truly makes you forget you’re in a city. It’s a very nice place for a walk to escape the summer heat. Walk north and in about 25 minutes you’ll reach one of the best beaches in Varna : the “Third Buna Beach” or as locals call it the “wake” because there is a wake park. There are many small casual beach bars, a skate ramp and an outside food court with street food. Plus, it’s a pedestrian zone so it’s very quiet and kid friendly. During the summer evenings there is a scene and each night they host small concerts, events and sometimes screening of movies.

? by Zhivena Mazakova. View from the Sea Garden.

?Tip : for a change in scenery rent a bike or simply walk back on the coastal walkway (or Kraybrezhna aleya) 

Coworking spaces

When it’s time to get some work, there are a couple of options depending on which part of the city is most convenient for you. 

  • Corner 3 is right next to the Sea Garden and it’s a mix of an event space and a co-working space.
  • Switch Varna actually offers 3 different locations in the city. 
  • Innovator is closer to the train station in the south part in the art neighborhood of Varna. 

If you’re not a fan of co-working spaces there are many beach bars which can do the trick just fine. 

Places to grab food and drink

Varna offers a mix of places, everything from typical Bulgarian cuisine to new, hip, fusion restaurants.

 4312 is one of those places, a brunch spot that is also open in the evenings for dinner. There are often events with local DJs and it’s actually a great spot for parties. 

The Wholehearted cafe is a new spot in Varna closer to the train station. They serve very good coffee, brunch options and a selection of desserts. Make sure to try the lemon meringue tart if you’re there.

 Atelier 60 just off the back on the main pedestrian street is a charming little restaurant with a great outdoor area. It also has a small indoor area but we definitely recommend sitting outside. Order a sushi bowl, you won’t be disappointed. 

If there is a pizza place in Varna that we can recommend with two hands, it’s La Pala. They serve the best Italian style pizzas and if you’re in the mood for trying something new get a pizza with charcoal activated dough. 

Lastly on our list is Averi Beers, a craft beer shop with a very small square outside which is a perfect spot to meet with friends (averi means friends).  It’s even been verified as a cool hanging spot from a non-beer drinker.

Some more typical Varna places

We can’t write a blog about Varna without mentioning the FK or the festival and congress center. It’s an alternative place with classic vibes from the 90s. It’s a space for movies, theater and exhibitions. Check out their program to see what’s on when you’re in town. 

The oldest bakery in town is Iglika. It’s situated very close to hotel Cherno more and the main pedestrian street. It has been there for nearly 100 years!  Make sure to pass by and grab a banitsa, milinka or rogche : savory pastries with Bulgarian white cheese. 

?Pro tip: if you want to blend in seamlessly with the locals grab some pastries on your way to the beach in the morning. I can’t think of a more typical Bulgarian breakfast when you’re on the sea side. 

? by Zhivena Mazakova. Hotel Cherno More.

And that’s it, we hope you have a fun time when you visit! 

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Magdalena Grozdanova
In the past years I've been living in different countries in Europe (I'm potentially the slowest slowmad). Sofia is my home base now and in my free time I like reading, spending time in nature and practicing yoga.
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